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National UNV carry out damage assessment and demolition in 3 VDCs of Sindhupalchowk

15 June 2015

Kathmandu, Nepal: UNV-Nepal is proud to announce mobilization of over 80 UN National volunteers to three earthquake affected Village Development Committee (VDC) of Sindhupalchowk district. These young and dynamic civil/ construction engineers will serve under United Nations Development Programme’s  (UNDP) debris management and demolition project.



Photo Credit: Ayush Karki/UNV Nepal 

Prior to their deployment, a week-long training induction session was conducted for the newly recruited volunteers at the Pulchowk campus, Kathmandu by a team of disaster management experts. These engineers are also receiving on the job training in their respective fields. The engineers are divided into several teams which is led by our 8 pilot engineers (deployed in May).


These volunteers carry out damage assessment and supervise demolition in Irkhu, Karthalli and Kunchowk VDCs. The first phase of the project was to assess damages. Our engineers visited every house in 3 VDCs and conducted a thorough assessment with the help of home owners. If the building is deemed unsafe, these engineers supervise and coordinate a safe demolition.

Photo Credit: Ayush Karki/UNV Nepal

Our 80+ National UNV Civil engineers include 13 women, 37 Youth Volunteers (under 29 years) and remaining specialists. So far, they have handled the damage assessment of thousands households. The engineers are supervising demolition of almost 2-3 houses every day.


The engineers are also being assisted by the community volunteers employed through UN cash-for-work programme. Approximately 4,250 local workers are targeted to benefit through the programme. The local residents of Sindhupalchowk are delighted with cash-for-work. They say, "the programme will create employment in their villages, all we need is technical experts and materials". 

Photo Credit: Lesley Wright/UNDP Nepal 

Despite tough living conditions and frequent aftershocks, these volunteers are motivated and determined to help their people with their skills during the greatest national tragedy of their generation. While these are safe and secure conditions, they are not the most comfortable or convenient.